Surprise Gift Co.

Surprise Gift Co : Sending happy surprise gifts in the mail

Whether it's a sweet reminder, a good belly laugh,
or a much needed word of Gods absolute truth.

Our custom created Shareables sets are exclusive to Surprise Gift Co and cannot be purchased anywhere else! They are hand lettered, locally designed and printed and make every surprise gift complete. They are that perfect little ray of sunshine you're wanting to deliver! You can add ANY Shareables set available to ANY gift you choose!

Or you can send a Shareables set, including easel with a sweet treat as a mini gift!!

Any way you pick you can't go wrong!

Each set includes 6 cards, envelopes, and a shiny gold easel for display. (I've got my Daily Dose set for coffee lovers displayed in the kitchen)

There's a set to fit every one and every gift!

We know you want to send out more happy mail, but it’s a lot of work, so we make it easy by including writing prompts on the back of every Shareable card! All you have to do is add your own personal touch, inside joke or just a signature! It’s up to you!

We make sending your very best easy!