Surprise Gift Co.

My Favorite

Shannon Shaffer

"What's your favorite" is one of MY favorite questions to ask someone. I ask my kids this question a lot,"hey what's your favorite meal I make?" Or, "What's your favorite vacation we've taken?" My husband gets the "what's your favorite thing about being married to me,"and of course "what's your least favorite!" Warning warning!! It's a trap don't go there! I even like to ask my friends these questions. I think you can really learn a lot about a person by knowing their favorites. Not only what they like or don't like, but do they easily share about themselves, what subjects make them light up and which ones are visibly harder to open up about. For example:a woman with marital struggles may not easily answer,"what's your favorite thing your husband does for you for special occasions?" It's also super helpful when it comes to gifting. I work at an elementary school and keep a list of the favorite candies and sonic drinks of all of the teachers. A great gift is not most expensive thing you can afford, it's usually something that shows you've listened and cared enough to remember something about that person. So here's my shameless pitch: can't figure out what to get someone? Surprise Gift Co can definitely help with that. Let's start with something small, you know she loves bright colors, sunshine and parties. Send her Oh Happy Day! Coffee is her BFF, let us deliver some #caffeinelove. We put some serious thought into each hand packed gift full of unique items that will definitely make anybody's day happier! If you happen to know something in particular that she loves the most, like a favorite candy, email us about it and we can create a special request invoice for you.  The best gift you can give someone is the gift that shows you've taken some time on the picking part. I know that seems like the hardest part but with just a couple of "what's your favorite's" you'll be able to make the perfect pick in no time!!