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Love and Marriage

Shannon Shaffer

It's wedding season👰🏼! 

We went on a couples retreat this weekend with our church; a 2 day crash course on love ❤️! It made me think about how love stories can start so differently but have equally great outcomes. For example, dating for a few months versus more than a year. Long engagements or elopements. 10 bridesmaids and a 20ft train or 2 witnesses and a judge. Honestly, I believe whichever one you choose can have a happy ending. It's the beliefs and values you each have as individuals that will determine whether you will "make it" or not. Compatibility is a choice not a feeling. The mantra of our world is do what makes you happy. While that has its place in everyone's life, it definitely wasn't written as instructions for a lasting marriage. Staying together is hard work. Sometimes it isn't fun and doesn't make you happy, but working through the stressful, hard times and coming out the other side together is what creates the strongest of love stories💘. I met my husband when I was 18. We dated for about 10 months and then decided to get married. The odds were totally against us: we were not christians, we met at a country/western bar 😬, we were young, poor, and barely knew each other! Yikes! That sounds like a recipe for disaster. I would love to say we are super amazing people who beat the odds with a lot of hard work, but it wouldn't be the truth. The truth is God got ahold of us both and we surrendered. That alone is the reason we are still happily married after almost 23 years! Right smack dab in the middle of wedding season is the perfect time to hand your love story, your Prince Charming and fairy tale over to God and watch what he creates! Our love is the best gift we can give someone. It is precious and wonderful and oh so worth the effort. We would love to hear some of your love stories and see your wedding pics! Send them to us at for the chance to be our featured post and a chance to guest skype on our Wednesday night Facebook live!!