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I'm A Hot Mess!

Lisa GoinsComment

Everyone feels like a hot mess sometimes, at least that's what I tell myself to feel better! For me, and I bet it's the same for almost everyone, it's when I am out of my comfort zone. My life just clicks along at a normal pace, day in and day out, but when something new comes along, something big, something unexpected I find myself a little uptight....fine, a little more uptight than normal! Comfort zone alert comfort zone alert! Cue the sweat, the potty dance, zero thoughts in my head. See, HOT MESS!

I am totally qualified to talk to you about this because I have been living out of my comfort zone for about a year now. My comfort zone looks like a couple of good friends and home. Because honestly, I'm afraid of people! It's not that I feel like they're judging me or staring at me, it's that I won't know what to say, I won't have the right words when asked a question and I will look like a bumbling idiot! My feelings tell me, "don't open your mouth, you will sound stupid," but this is what I've found out: You can't let your feelings get the top vote. You can't live life through your feelings filter. Your feelings filter changes how you perceive situations. It tells you "that person doesn't like you so you should feel rejected" or "that goal is too big you should feel unqualified."

Let me say right now, feelings are not the boss of you!! Feelings change all the time, that makes them an unreliable source! One day while I was doing some bible study homework the writer made this statement, "ask God what He wants from you." Well I did and He said my "unfiltered faith." Faith that no matter what my feelings tell me on the inside, the truth is what I know and believe because of my relationship with Christ. If you want big things out of life then you will not be allowed to stay in the safety of your comfort zone. You will not find new and exciting passions there.

Stepping out and doing something new, something you've never tried before is scary, but what if you find out you love it?! If I hadn't have stepped out of my comfort zone I wouldn't be doing anything at Surprise Gift Co except packing the boxes. Lisa is great at talking to people, she loves to get out there and make connections. So if I wanted to make a difference and not just a dollar then I knew I had to put myself out there too. Surprise Gift Co is a great business concept, it fills a need. But it has also become a platform for us. It's mission statement, "the happiest people in life are the givers, not the getters," obviously applies to gifting but not only to gifts that are tangible. "Showing Up," as Lisa likes to say is the first step in giving. Giving of yourself, your time, energy and effort. Sometimes that's what people need most from you. We have started a monthly women's event, Chicks N Salsa, to create a place where women can come together and talk about business, their lives and make new friends. Because women need other women. And guess what, the first time I stood up there to talk to a group of about 20 women, some of whom I had never met before, I was a HOT MESS inside! But I did it. I did it and I loved it. I didn't love it because I received a giant revelation that I am supposed to be a public speaker but because I knew that I was doing exactly what God had told me months before to do, to give Him my unfiltered faith! I stood up there and spoke what was on my heart while my feelings were telling me, what was coming out of my mouth wasn't making any sense, and when I was done and the event was over I knew God was proud of me! In fact yesterday during my devotional time the question was posed to write down exactly how you think God would describe you, I wrote BRAVE! So guess what, you can be a HOT MESS and move forward with big dreams, goals and plans anyway! Because HOT MESS is just a feeling and feelings aren't the boss of you!