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Best Date EVER!

Lisa GoinsComment

We are spilling the details about our best dates ever! 



"When I was asked this question I really had to think about it, there have been so many dates in almost 26 years of being married. We’ve traveled to snowy mountains and sunny places. We’ve enjoyed fancy meals at restaurants and stayed in and dined on paper plates and pizza all while having a great time together. At first I thought it would be the date Kelly planned when we were building our house. It was framed but didn’t have walls yet and he set up a candlelight dinner in the room that would soon be our dining room and it was so thoughtful and sweet. He is that way, always thoughtful and sweet to me but its not my favorite date. My very favorite date was the first one we had. I don’t remember a lot about our conversation or what I ate at dinner i just remember that when he was dropping me off that night he took my hand and prayed for me. He wasn’t praying for the meal or saying I’ll be praying for you and it was the first time I remember a man taking my hand and praying FOR me. He may not have known it at the time but I did.. he had my heart from that very moment and I knew he always would." - Lisa





"My husband Michael is really great at surprises. I think he must love to plan the surprise out as much as I love to receive it!! 

I am so incredibly lucky to have him 😍. 

Here’s the story of my pick of our best date EVER!
On November 3, 2014 we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. The following weekend he woke up and said,”hey pack a bag, let’s get out of here,” now this is my favorite thing he does. He randomly plans short getaways for us and it is the most fun ever!
So I pack a bag, he won’t tell me where we are going, never does, turns the Christmas music up in the car and we’re off! He takes me through Arkansas to my favorite little shopping town, Rogers, and we spend a few hours there. Then it’s back in the car headed to the secret destination. Now when we pass the signs for Branson I think, “he knows I’m not really a Branson kind of girl 😬”. But when we pulled into the driveway of our private cabin at Big Cedar Lodge I was hooked! This place was soooo nice. We put all our bags up then back out the door to a waiting horse carriage 😍. Next it was on to an amazing dinner at Top of the Rock. I really thought my day couldn’t get any better...until my sweet husband got out of his seat and down on his knee and pulled out a ring and proposed, for the second time! Wow best date ever!" - Shannon