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Guest Blog: Lori Burt

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As a fairly new Oklahoman, I was delighted to discover the state’s most fashionable gems, the Surprise girls, Lisa and Shannon.  I was incredibly excited when they asked me if I would do a guest blog post on the Surprise Gift Co website!  I have fallen hard for this company and its mission to encourage gifting and spreading love.  This western girl found kindred spirits in these two because of so many things but especially their love of color, pattern, gift-giving and, real-talk and of course those heavenly Parisian pineapples from Sugarfina (*swoon*)!  This is such a truly beautiful company and I am so excited that they asked me to share with you a little about myself and my shop!

My name is Lori Burt and I am a graphic designer, fashion illustrator and creator of Project Print on Etsy.  I grew up loving fashion; pouring over the newest issues of Seventeen, InStyle, and Lucky magazine when I was in Jr High and High School.   Because of my love for drawing and creating, you could most assuredly find me sewing fashion-forward Christmas stockings for friends or drawing portraits of notable 90’s heartthrobs Gavin Rossdale and Johnny Depp in art Class.  Fashion, design, and drawing have always been a passion in my life.

If I told you that I have a Bachelors in Biology, would you believe me?  I haven’t always been able to indulge in my passion, but after years of loving/cursing the life of a stay-at-home mom, I decided to unleash my pent-up creative energy and start something I could call my own – and also, regain my sanity and spare my children and husband from intermittent mommy meltdowns.  Hence, Project Print was born.  I named it Project Print because I am a huge fan of Project Runway and thought this would be my own experiment in whether I have what it takes or not to be in the world of design.  Project Print began with greeting cards only, all done with ink drawings of the judges from Project Runway paired with their famous and funny quotes and quips.  As time went on, I decided to go back to school and get my degree in graphic design and Project Print evolved into what you see today! 

So what’s new with Project Print these days?  Well, only everything!  I change up the patterns of fabric I use for my makeup bags constantly (if you love Flamingos, and who doesn’t? You might want to check out my custom makeup bags!), I just introduced a new line of Hello cards and Miss you cards and a fun new fashion calendar!  I’m always adding new products as exciting ideas come to mind and fresh inspiration strikes!  Take a look at Project Print and see what might catch your eye!

I’m so grateful to be able to pursue my passion in life and share that joy with the rest of the world! I feel especially blessed to have been able to meet and make connections like those with Lisa and Shannon, that help me grow as a person as well as a business and make this place my home.

“God would not have put a dream in your heart if he had not already given you everything you had to fulfill it.”

 Be sure to head to my IG (@lbprojectprint) to enter!  All you have to do is follow my IG and comment on the same picture as the one below with "SURPRISE ME!"  I’m going to be giving away one of my makeup bags and fashion prints to one lucky Surprise Gift Co follower as well, check out their facebook for details on how to win!