Surprise Gift Co.

Heart Shaped Holiday

Shannon Shaffer


I am a firm believer that Valentine's Day is for everyone, not just young couples who can't get enough of each other! You have a group of girlfriends that always have your back? Celebrate them!! Send them each a sweet treat, or surprise gift maybe , to let them know life wouldn't be the same without them. Have you been married 30 years and just stopped recognizing February 14th as anything other than a day that ends in Y? Surprise him! Valentine's Day is about love, which I'm pretty sure you already knew, but really love is more than the mushy stuff. Love is having someone to talk to when you're stressed out, someone who will pick up your kids from school at the last minute when your car won't start, someone who will order the pizza for you when you just.can't. make. one. more. decision. today. Love is an action! You don't have to be willing to say the words I love you to everyone in your life, but you should be willing to show them love. Love in the form of kindness. Jesus commands it: John 13:34 "love one another as I have loved you..." so make Valentine's Day about acting out love, God's love. Smile at everyone you see. Acknowledge how much you appreciate your friends and what they mean to you. And if you have a significant other, celebrate them,because not everyone does!! 

Wives this part is especially for you. Husbands can be so annoying! But guess what, so can we! Do you really think there's nothing we do that he wouldn't change if he could? Come on, we may feel like we do more than our fair share of the household chores, we may feel like the kids are completely dependent on us alone as they walk right by dad to ask us for a snack, but it's simply not the whole story.  Men are given huge responsibilities (not saying that we women are not) but listen, it's in their DNA. God created them to provide, protect, and lead, and although todays society has twisted a lot of those roles, it is still a basic instinct built into a man that can't be changed, maybe ignored, but not changed. Now's a good time to remind you this section is for wives, because I'm not trying to offend single mothers who have to do it all and be both mother and father to their children, that's a whole different situation. 

Our husbands will be held accountable before God one day on how they lead their families, whether it was to the Lord or away from him (yes it is that black and white Luke 11:23 says "whoever is not with me is against me") that's a pretty big calling if you ask me! So maybe your man doesn't do everything you wish he would. Maybe he's a terrible gift giver and you know he won't be getting you anything for Valentine's Day, so why should you get him something? Well because Jesus loved you when you didn't love Him! He loves you so much He gave his life for you! He didn't just sit up in heaven and think nice thoughts about how cute you look in a ponytail and how much he loves it when you turn up some worship music in your car and really belt it out! He set heaven aside, let's take a minute to appreciate the hugeness of this. H.E.A.V.E.N. (in my mind-beaches, donuts and shoes in every color!) But seriously left it all behind to endure human life and not only our stinky daily grind lives, but hard life with no AC and dirty feet all the time! And most of all an excruciatingly painful death. That is what I call love in action. So maybe you don't go all out and buy your husband a box of chocolates or some slinky lingerie, but you can and should remind him with your words and actions, all the time,but especially February 14th, that you love him, that you are glad God brought you together! So love on people this Valentine's Day! Kiss your man and don't complain about picking up his dirty socks off the ground, go out of your way to do something extra sweet for your friends, tell your mother she inspires you, and show grace to your kids when they don't deserve it and of course send surprise gifts to everyone you know!!!