Surprise Gift Co.

Surprise Gift Co. : Celebrate with a surprise gift

How does Surprise Gift Co work? 

We created Surprise Gift Co not only for an easy gifting experience for you to shop and send an amazing gift from the comfort of your home, but also for someone to receive a unique, boutique gift that surprises them on their doorstep! We understand how important it is to pour encouragement into the people in our lives. So many times we aren't sure how to respond to the kind things people do for us or know what to say when people encounter the sad situations of life. Surprise Gift Co believes in acknowledging those moment’s. Whether its a celebration or a cheer up that's needed, don't let the moments pass by without recognition! Life is hard, and everyone has something they are going through whether it's wonderfully exciting or terribly heartbreaking. Our goal is to be there! Maybe you don't even know it, but you are so needed in MANY of the people's lives around you! Our God shows us amazing grace and it's our passionate pursuit to show that same grace to the people we encounter everyday.  Everyone loves a surprise and it's the perfect way to let someone know that they are special 💗  and have impacted you in some way! Our surprises are hand packed and have carefully chosen to be a gift anyone would love to receive. You would put this gift together if you only had the time! And the best part of the whole thing is "the happiest people in life are the givers, not the getters!"


Surprise Gift Co. : Curated gift boxes with specialty items for everyone

What’s inside each gift?

The Surprise Girls work around the clock to put together specialty items for each surprise gift. We also collaborate with other boutique companies to bring you limited edition gifts that even your most-difficult-to-shop-for people will love.  Take a peek at our Instagram to get a look inside our gifts! 


Who should I surprise?

Any and everyone! Who doesn’t need a little surprise to brighten up their day? We offer all types of gifts for every age and for all of life's important occasions. Don’t see what you are looking for? Contact us to put something special together just for you. 


Surprise Gift Co. : Meet Lisa Goins

Gift-giving & receiving are things that can really make a difference in someone’s life. Of all the many hats I wear,  pastor’s wife, mom, speaker & writer... God has shown me that giving gifts to others is how He uses me. Whether it’s love and affection to my husband and 4 kids, encouragement and friendship to our congregation, or advice and time to my friends, gifting is just how God works through me. I guess that’s why it just seemed natural to turn gift giving into a career! Surprise Gift Co. is a fun & unique gift-giving experience. We have handpicked specialty items that you will be proud to give and to receive. Whether you consider yourself a skilled gift giver or you are a throw it in a gift bag and go type of person, Surprise Gift Co. can totally up your gift-giving game from socks and underwear to cupcakes and rainbows! Let us take your gift-giving abilities to the next level! You just may receive a Surprise Gift in return:)

Surprise Gift Co. : Meet Shannon Shaffer

The most important thing for me to tell you about myself is this: I’m just a girl who decided to follow Jesus. Sometimes, I followed him happily; sometimes, I was whining and stomping my feet, but I’ve always believed following Him would lead me in the right way. I have been married to the perfect man for me since I was 19 years old. We have 3 kids: 2 (now adult) beautiful daughters, and a 16 year old son. I live in a small town in Oklahoma where my husband is the fire chief and I am an elementary school secretary. Secretly, I want to be someone who shops all day and eats candy while getting a tan! Dreams to goals, people! Dreams to goals! Surprise Gift Co. is such an exciting and creative endeavor for me. I get to curate unique gifting experiences, write quirky thoughts on our blog, and compose fun-loving notes for our Surprise Cards. I am grateful, happy, and having such a good time!