Surprise Gift Co.

Surprise Gift Co. : Celebrating all of life's moments

As with many things in life, the vision I had for Surprise Gift Co when I first began has changed and evolved into so much more than I ever expected. It all began in January of 2016, I had just been through an extremely busy year in real estate and my gifting game was less than adequate, lets just say finding the perfect gifts for my clients were not making it to the top of my to do list. I began searching online for creative gifts I could use for clients as well ways to say thank you for referrals and genuinely foster relationships with my connections in business. The gift cards I was picking up at the last minute did not convey the message I wanted to send; I wanted clients to know they were so much more important than a last minute gift.

Surprise Gift Co began as a way to thoughtfully gift the people in your life and soon the focus became so much more than the gift itself, it was all about the women we could support on both ends of our business. From a product standpoint we have been able to support dozens of women who are running their own small businesses by purchasing their products and including them in our gifts. When we do this we understand that we are a small piece of helping other female entrepreneurs reach for their dreams. We also put together creative gifts for the girl boss to give because we understand the importance of gifting as a way to connect with people and help move your business forward.

And our most favorite part has been our ability to give back. In 2017 we supported teen challenge of Oklahoma youth facility by supplying them with free birthday gifts each month for every girl who was in the program. In 2018 we are expanding our gift back to include the Oklahoma women’s facility as well. This is a big step for us but we believe that as we follow the Lord and all He asks us to do, our business will continue to grow. To read more about Teen Challenge click here.

So each and every gift that is purchased from Surprise Gift Co has a reach that is so much further that the actual gift itself, its has touched and supported countless women in the process.

Our surprises are hand packed and have carefully chosen to be a gift anyone would love to receive. You would put this gift together if you only had the time! Surprise Gift Co believes in acknowledging life’s moments, whether it’s a celebration, a thank you or a cheer up that's needed, don't let the moments pass by without recognition! Life is hard, and everyone has something they are going through whether it's wonderfully exciting or terribly heartbreaking. Our goal is to be there! Maybe you don't even know it, but you are so needed in MANY of the people's lives around you! Our God shows us amazing grace and it's our passionate pursuit to show that same grace to the people we encounter everyday. 

We truly believe it when we say "the happiest people in life are the givers, not the getters!"

Surprise Gift Co. : Meet Lisa Goins, Chief Surprise Officer

Hi I’m Lisa! I may be the
Chief Surprise Officer but everyone knows that I would be lost without my
sidekick Shannon!

Here are a few fun facts about me…

  1. I love coffee, it’s what makes me excited to wake up every single day
  2. I am the skinny jeans and jacket side to my dressed up VP of Surprises
  3. Surprise Gift Co is a small piece of what I do in a much larger puzzle. I have been married for 25 years, have 4 grown kids and am anxiously awaiting grandkids to come on the scene, someday! I married a pastor so I have a full time role as a pastor’s wife and love pouring into the women of our church. I also travel and speak to women’s groups and am currently working on my first book! Life is full and fun and Surprise Gift Co is the icing on the cake!!

Hi I’m Shannon, self-proclaimed
v.p. of surprises!

Here’s a few things you have probably already figured out about me from some of our pics.

  1. I live pink. No I don’t mean love, that wasn’t a typo. I just seriously have a lot of pink stuff 💖!
  2. I wear a skirt/dress 99% of the time.  My hubby says I was born in the wrong era 👗.  
  3. I absolutely love my job! Surprise Gift Co is a dream come true! Who wouldn’t want to pack pretty gifts with confetti and send them out to make people’s day 🎁?!      

Now what you may not know:                                      

  1. I married the man of dreams right out of high school. 💏  
  2. I have 3 grown children. 
  3. I am a total foodie, like plan my vacations around restaurants I’ve been wanting to try 🍴.  We believe that gifting is a ministry role that God has called us all to fill. So we created Surprise Gift Co to make gifting easy and affordable, but we also believe that creating a “best day ever” experience is what puts a gift over the top! So all of our gifts are hand packed in sparkly shred and shipped in a bright pink or blue box with a hand written message from you!
Surprise Gift Co. : Meet Shannon Shaffer, VP of Surprises